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Helping Business Gains Through Safety
Antsglobe Technologies
We can undertake following assignments for any kind and scale of organisation. To avoid the generality of the conventional approach adopted, we develop suitable industry fit check points incorporating most essential elements. Assignments which lie within our competency are mentioned here.


When it comes to develop documents related to your particular organisation, we feel that we can justify with our know-how about the subject. A indicative list  is given as hereunder.

Business Continuity Plan
Disaster Management Plan
Method of Work
HSE Plan
Safe Operating Procedures
EHS Manual
Education impart knowledge but training develop skill. A well designed training module helps transform behaviour of a person in to a desired way to achieve certain objective. To develop tailor made training module in order to fit the organisational need, we request one half or full day time to spend in that particular industry without any extra cost. Furthermore a full day training module accompany group exercise, improvement assessment and feedback to maximise take away from the program. Some of the indicative training subjects are given here.

Hazard Identification Techniques
Accident Prevention Techniques
Accident analysis and statistics
Accident types, classification and types of Injury
Accident causation model (Swiss-cheese model)
Barriers in Safety Implementation
Role of Supervisor in safety
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Techniques
Electrical Safety
Electrical Hazards Zoning
Workplace H&S Management
Occupational Health Hazards and safeguards
Chemical Classification and Safety in Handling
Manual Material Handling
Mechanical Material Handling
Hazards in Industrial Trucks Operation and Safety
Hazards of Crane and Safety in operation
Due diligence in H&S
Hazards of Height Work & Safety
Hazards of  Excavation work and Safety
Hazards of Confined Space working and Safety
Bow-tie Techniques for Accident Prevention
Layer of Protection of Safety
Risk Based Safety Approach
Hazards of Gas Cutting operation and safety
Hazards of Welding and Safety
Selection of PPEs and proper usage
Hazards of Noise and Noise Conservation program
Hazards at Construction site and safety
Paradigm shift in Safety
Causes of Explosion in Industry
Fire Prevention Techniques
Fire, Hazards and Protection
Fire load reduction techniques
Evacuation and Drills
5’S’ concept of Good Housekeeping
Hazards in School and Safety
Hazards in Hospitals and safety
Hazards at Home and Safety
Hazards of Multiplex and Safety
Hazards in Mall and Safety
Traffic Hazards and Defensive Driving
Natural Disaster and our Action

Safety Audit
Safety Assurance Audit
Safety Maturity Assessment of the organisation
Safety Survey
Implementation of Behaviour Based Safety for Total Safety Culture
5 ‘S’  Implementation
Safety Sampling and Analysis
Noise mapping & Conservation Program
Fire Hazard & Protection Assessment
Fire Load estimation and reduction program
Site EHS monitoring

Helping Business Gains Through Safety

Helping Business Gains Through Safety