No human endeavor is free of hazards that affect the well-being of humanity in particular and flora and fauna in general. The ever-changing technology along with processes, incorporation of newer machinery, tools, and tackles, and use of a variety of raw materials and chemicals all alone or in a combination have put challenges before business owners/managers to conduct the business without harm to workers, deterioration to environment and damage to property in case of fire. In such a situation, Health and Safety must be a fundamental aspect of managing an organization as it has impacts on all the functions within the organization, just as quality, cost, production might. Accidents in course of project or operation render an organization lose brand, trust, profits, reputation, and whatnot.

On the other hand, good Health and Safety management is a sure and certain way to gain in business so as to register a continuous growth of it. So, ensuring safety at the workplace is not a choice but pre-requisites to run a business successfully through meeting its goals.

Safetitude is a unique approach to safety wherein programs and strategies are designed, implemented, established and sustained in order to reduce the inventory of workers at-risk-behaviors (ARBs) and increase the inventory of Safe Behaviors(SBs) ultimately to arrive at minimum level of risk to run a business.

As a Chemical Engineer, Diploma in Industrial Safety (RLI-K), PG Diploma in Pollution Control and Management (APSU), Grad-1 in Fire Engineering (IFE, Delhi), and an MBA, having 30 years of ample rewarding career in the core function of HSEF in reputed corporates, now the journey begins to helping the industry to raise the bar of HSEF performance. It shall remain my endeavor to make HSEF an integral part of the business to ensure safety to workers and protection to environment.

Let us count on us and continue...