Actively caring to save lives
Attitude is all about what we intend to do with and what we receive as a consequence following that. When it comes to safety, it plays a vital role in our life no matter where we are - at home, on the road, in water, in air or in a factory. In all the above situations, we encounter with danger(s) to our life or limb while performing an activity. Therefore, every one of us needs to behave in a safe way with the right safety attitude within us very first time and every successive time. Here, Safe-T-Tude integrating Safe & Attitude together called Safetitude work as an antecedent in every situation and influence human beings to behave in a certain way for the protection from the danger he or she encounters with.
The very old truth that “Accidents do not happen, they are caused” is probable outcome of an individual’s behavior-at-risk which in turn is influenced by one’s attitude. In any business activity or human endeavor, one’s such behavior invites woe ranging from a little pain to loss of life of one or many that may extend to loss of assets and deterioration to environment. After an accident, worker(s) are very often blamed for the same quoting they do not behave safely because of the poor safety attitude but is it so? Do other employee play their role to avoid an accident as they exhibit their commitment towards production, maintenance, cost, etc – perhaps not always. An organization achieves what it wants to achieve but safety? The reason is obvious and that is a lack of Safety Attitude in employees irrespective of his /her function or level within the organization.
The objective of the Safe-T-Tude is to begin a campaign for developing the right kind of attitude in human being employed to create useful value through training & awareness. Here, human’s behavior is uniquely transformed from ARB (At-Risk-Behaviour) to SB (Safe Behaviour) by way of implementing the D-O-I-T process across an organization. Progressively this approach is being applied widely in an organization as an effective business tool to bring an “actively caring” situation ultimately to foster Total Safety Culture (TSC) in order to control human-caused-accidents thereby enhancing many things including bottom-line.
Looking forward to receive your attention so as to get an opportunity to work for your organization.